Arista QSFP+ to QSFP+ 40GbE Active Optical Cable 20 meter

Product #: AOC-Q-Q-40G-20M
Brand: Arista Compatible
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Price: $245.00

Arista QSFP+ to QSFP+ 40GbE Active Optical Cable 20 meter

  • Cable Type: QSFP+ AOC
  • Connector A: 40Gbps
  • Connector B: QSFP+
  • Length: QSFP+
  • Wire: 20 meter
  • Applications: MMF
  • 3 year Warranty

Arista Compatible Switches:

Arista 7150S
Arista 7280E
Arista 7500E
Arista 7500R
Arista 7250QX
Arista 7300X
Arista 7320X

Arista Datasheets
Arista Optics and Cables (QSFP-100G-SR4, QSFP-40G-SR4, CAB-Q-Q-1M, AOC-Q-Q-40G-3M)
Arista 7010T Series Datasheet (DCS-7010T-48-F, DCS-7010T-48-R, DCS-7010T-48-DC-F, DCS-7010T-48-DC-R)
Arista 7020R Series Datasheet (DCS-7020TR-48-F, DCS-7020TR-48-R, DCS-7020TR-48#)
Arista 7048-A Switch Datasheet (DCS-7048T-A-F, DCS-7048T-A-R, DCS-7048T-A#)
Arista 7050QX Series Datasheet (DCS-7050QX-32-F, DCS-7050QX-32-R, DCS-7050QX-32#, DCS-7050QX-32-D#, DCS-7050QX-32S-F)
Arista 7050SX Series Datasheet (DCS-7050SX-128-F, DCS-7050SX-128-R, DCS-7050SX-128#, DCS-7050SX-128-D#)
Arista 7050TX Series Datasheet (DCS-7050TX-128-F, DCS-7050TX-128-R, DCS-7050TX-96-F, DCS-7050TX-96-R, DCS-7050TX-72Q-F)
Arista 7060X and 7260X Series Datasheet (DCS-7260CX-64-F, DCS-7260CX-64-R, DCS-7260QX-64-F, DCS-7260QX-64-R, DCS-7060CX2-32S-F, DCS-7060CX2-32S-R, DCS-7060CX-32S-F, DCS-7060CX-32S-R)
Arista 7150 Series Datasheet (DCS-7150S-64-CL-F, DCS-7150S-64-CL-R, DCS-7150S-52-CL-F, DCS-7150S-52-CL-R, DCS-7150S-24-F, DCS-7150S-24-R)
Arista 7160 Series Datasheet (DCS-7160-32CQ-F, DCS-7160-32CQ-R, DCS-7160-48YC6-F, DCS-7160-48YC6-R, DCS-7160-48TC6-F, DCS-7160-48TC6-R)
Arista 7250QX Series Datasheet (DCS-7250QX-64-F, DCS-7250QX-64-R, KIT-7002)
Arista 7280E Series Datasheet (DCS-7280SE-64-F, DCS-7280SE-64-R, DCS-7280SE-72-F, DCS-7280SE-72-R, DCS-7280SE-68-F, DCS-7280SE-68-R)
Arista 7280R Series Datasheet (DCS-7280QR-C72-F, DCS-7280QR-C72-R, DCS-7280QR-C72M-F, DCS-7280QR-C72M-R, DCS-7280QR-C36-F, DCS-7280QR-C36-R, DCS-7280SR-48C6-F, DCS-7280TR-48C6-R)
Arista 7300 Series Datasheet (DCS-7308X-BND-F, DCS-7308X-BND-R, DCS-7300-SUP, DCS-7308-CH, DCS-7304-CH)
Arista 7320X Series Datasheet (DCS-7328X-BND-F, DCS-7324X-BND-F)
Arista 7500 Series Datasheet (DCS-7508E-BND, DCS-7504E-BND, DCS-7500E-48S-LC)
Arista 7500R Series Datasheet (DCS-7512R-BND, DCS-7508R-BND, DCS-7504R-BND, DCS-7512N-CH, DCS-7508N-CH, DCS-7504N-CH)


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